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New Publications

We’ve been busy in the Bracken Lab, with six new papers out this year. They include a meta-analysis evaluating the effects of warming experiments on biodiversity (Gruner et al. 2017), a study quantifying the effects of an invasive seaweed on community structure and ecosystem functioning (Ramsay-Newton et al. 2017), a paper highlighting the neglected importance of life-history traits for mediating the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (Bracken and Williams 2017), an experiment documenting the long-lasting impacts of the loss of a canopy-forming seaweed on an intertidal community (Menge et al. 2017), a demonstration of the important effects of spatial scale on the functional consequences of biodiversity loss (Bracken et al. 2017), and a study that highlights the importance of ecological stoichiometry – the balancing of elemental ratios in ecological processes¬†– in mediating consumer-resource interactions on rocky shores (Bracken 2017). Here are some photo highlights:

Invasive Dasysiphonia in New England

(Ramsay-Newton et al. 2017)

Re-surveying an experiment 35 years later

(Menge et al. 2017)

Surveying biodiversity manipulations

(Bracken et al. 2017)