Big: Culture and Data in the Digital Field

The workshop “Big: Culture and Data in the Digital Field,” for which I was the primary organizer (sponsored by the Center for Ethnography and the Intel Science & Technology Center for Social Computing) was held at the University of California, Irvine, 10–12 April. Thanks so much to all the participants—we had a wonderful time!

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Initial course summary—Digital Cultures (Anthropology 128C), Spring 2014

The information below is designed to give you preliminary information about this very exciting course! Please do not email the professor to ask questions about the course: a more detailed syllabus will be posted on Monday, February 24 (Week 8 of Winter Quarter). However, before that point this site may be updated as well.

Throughout human history, technologies (from the wheel to the book and beyond) have shaped forms of identity, community, and society. We are in the midst of one of the most massive technological transformations in human history, shaped by digital technologies. This phrase “digital technologies” refers to an array of infrastructures, devices, and practices including but not limited to mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other computers; websites, online games, virtual worlds, social network sites, apps, and blogs; and governments, corporations, nonprofits, activists, users, makers, hackers, players, and friends. Digital technologies and the digital cultures they shape will play a very important role in your life, your career, and the future possibilities of humanity in the broadest sense.

This course is designed to give you ideas, methods, and experience in understanding these digital cultures. The course has no midterm or final; there are no books for the course while there will be required articles to read, the reading load will not be heavy. The course is organized around a research project that you will begin in week 3. You will be assigned membership in a research team and together you will get to choose what technologies and issues you wish to explore. You will conduct research and write a group paper and presentation that will be shared publicly as well as with the class. This means that when the course is over, you will have an example of original team research that you can use when applying for employment or graduate school. The ability to work on a team and also to do original thinking and original research is highly valued in today’s job market and also in higher education. Thus, in addition to your grade, this course will give you a concrete research project that you can include in your resume or portfolio.

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Final report from “Landscaping Mobile Social Media and Mobile Payments in Indonesia”

The final report from the “Landscaping Mobile Social Media and Mobile Payments in Indonesia” project is posted here. Thanks again to everyone involved in this project!

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Irvine party at the AAA meetings, Fri Nov 16

The Irvine party this year at the AAAs (in San Francisco) will be on Friday, November 16 at the Hotel Rex, which is just a couple blocks from the conference venue (562 Sutter). Hope to see you there! Here’s the flyer.

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Interim report from my project on mobile in Indonesia is online!

Take a look. Thanks to Bill, Dede, Ilmi, and everyone in Indonesia involved in the research. I’ll be posting a report from our September workshop in a couple weeks.

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Draft syllabus for my Spring 2013 Postcoloniality course

I’ve posted a draft syllabus for my Spring 2013 Postcoloniality course on the “courses” page. It is still quite preliminary, but gives you a good idea of what the course will be like. I’m really looking forward to teaching this course!

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Part 1 of iRez interview with me

It was a lot of fun – check it out!

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Excerpt from Handbook published on New World Notes

Check it out. And thanks to Wagner James Au for doing this!

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Interview with myself and Celia Pearce about Ethnography and Virtual Worlds: a Handbook of Method

Check it out!

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C2O talk (Surabaya, Indonesia)

One of several talks I gave during my September 2012 visit to Surabaya was at C20, a wonderful independent library in Surabaya. Here is some coverage of the event!

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