ECON 141A: Public Economics
This course will examine the role of the government in the economy and its impact on individuals and firms. The aim of the course is to provide an understanding of the reasons for government intervention in the market, the extent of that intervention, and the response of individuals and firms to the government’s actions. A wide variety of topics will be covered, but the primary focus will be on exploring the purpose and design of social insurance and welfare programs, studying the role of the government in education and health insurance markets, and developing an understanding of tax policy. Emphasis will also be placed on familiarizing students with empirical tools for studying government interventions.
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ECON 272A: Public Economics
This course is part of the graduate sequence in public economics. We will study the rationale for and behavioral effects of different parts of the tax system. We will also cover two broad categories of government expenditure policies, redistribution programs and social insurance, from a theoretical and empirical perspective. To the extent possible, we will incorporate discussion of particular government tax and spending policies you are focusing on in your research. The emphasis will be on developing insights and tools that help you to be a more discerning consumer of existing research, and that also assist you in furthering your own research agenda.
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ECON 249/INFO 7470: Understanding Social and Economic Data
Taught out of Cornell and coordinated locally, this course is designed to provide students a detailed overview of the U.S. federal statistical system, where data comes from and how it can be used for research. The course also aims to teach students basic and advanced techniques for acquiring and transforming raw information into social and economic data. The course is taught as a mixture of self-guided online videos (MOOC-style) together with in-classroom discussions of the material. Students from multiple domains (economics, demography, geography, statistics) contribute to the discussion.
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