Current Funded Research Projects:

NIH-NIGMS (R01GM107264): Stochastic Dynamics and Noise Control in Patterning Systems

NSF-DMS (DMS-1161621): Differentiation and Stratification during Development: A Joint Computational and Experimental Investigation

NSF-DMS (DMS-1562176): Early Mammalian Embryo Development: Stochastic Modeling and Experiment

NIH-NIDCR (R01ED023050)Defining an Integrated Signaling Network That Patterns the Craniofacial Skeleton

NIH-NIGMS (P50GM76516): National Center for Systems Biology –“Spatial Dynamics and Information Flows

NIH-NINDS (R01NS095355): Spatial Dynamics of Tissue and Organ Size Control          

NIH-NIBIB (T32 EB09418): Predoctoral training Grant on “Mathematical, Computational and Systems Biology”

NIH-NIMH (R01MH105427): Inhibitory Neuron Circuit Organization and Function in Prefrontal Cortex

NIH-NIAMS (R56AR064532): EMT Regulation in Epidermal Morphogensis