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If you would like to request a Faculty Website, please fill out the form below. Our web team will create the initial site for you and send you information to help you get started. You may create a Personal Faculty Website and/or a Lab Website with pre-built pages ready for your content.

Website Comparison
Personal Faculty Website Lab Website
Personal Information Home Page Lab Information Home Page
News Section News Section
Curriculum Vitae Page Research Projects Page
Publications Page Lab Members Page
Classes Page Publications Page
Faculty Profile Link Links Page


Before requesting a Faculty Website, please read “Are Faculty Websites Right For You?” to make sure it will meet your needs.

Faculty Website Request Form

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Note: “Faculty Websites” are only available to UCI Faculty. We use the UCI Directory Title to help determine faculty status. If you are not faculty, we also have a companion service Sites@UCI running WordPress that is available to all faculty, staff and graduate students.

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