Sean Walsh

Associate Professor / Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science / University of California, Irvine
Courtesy Appointments in Mathematics (cf. Logic and Foundations Group), Linguistics.
Ph.D. Logic and Foundations of Mathematics / University of Notre Dame / 2011
Research interests: philosophy of mathematics / philosophy of logic / mathematical logic
Curriculum vitae / email: walsh108 at uci / site: / office: SST 703


Work in Progress:
Philosophy and Model Theory. Joint with Tim Button. With a historical appendix by Wilfrid Hodges. Book, under contract with OUP. Circa 500 pages. Currently doing final revisions.

Author Profile Pages on Various Preprint Servers and Paper Indexes: / / Philpapers / MathSciNet / Google Scholar

Former and Current Graduate Student Supervision:
Benjamin G. RinKyle Banick / Greg Lauro / Will Stafford / Kino Zhao / Stella Moon

Coauthor Webpages:
Sean Ebels-Duggan / Benjamin G. Rin / Tim Button / Walter Dean

Co-organization of Seminars, Workshops, Conferences:
Logic Seminar 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 / Frege Fest IV, V / Probability & Randomness
PhilMath + PhilLogic + FoM Workshops / New Work on Intensional & Epistemic Logics
Set Theory and Higher Order Logic / Various Birkbeck Research Seminars
The Number Concept, Nancy / Philosophie des mathématiques, Paris-Diderot (2010-2011)

Service to Campus & System:
CORCL (2013-2016) / UCOLASC (2015-2016) / Information Security and Privacy Committee (2014-present) / C-ALPHA associate director (2013-present)

Selected Teaching Materials:
Introduction to Symbolic Logic (Lower Division Undergrad)

Selected Recent Slides:
UCLA March 17 2017
UConn / Berkeley, March 24 / February 24 2017