Sean Walsh

Associate Professor / Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science / University of California, Irvine
Courtesy Appointments in Mathematics (cf. Logic and Foundations Group), Linguistics.
Ph.D. Logic and Foundations of Mathematics / University of Notre Dame / 2011
Research interests: philosophy of mathematics / philosophy of logic / mathematical logic
Curriculum vitae / email: walsh108 at uci / site: / office: SST 703


Work in Progress:
Philosophy and Model Theory. Joint with Tim Button. With a historical appendix by Wilfrid Hodges. Book, under contract with OUP. Circa 500 pages. Currently doing final revisions.

Author Profile Pages on Various Preprint Servers and Paper Indexes: / / Philpapers / MathSciNet / Google Scholar

Former and Current Graduate Student Supervision:
Kyle Banick / Anna Bellomo / Gregory Lauro / Guillaume Massas / Stella Moon  / William Stafford / Benjamin G. Rin /  Kino Zhao

Coauthor Webpages:
Tim Button /  Walter Dean /  Sean Ebels-Duggan / Benjamin G. Rin

Co-organization of Seminars, Workshops, Conferences:
Logic Seminar 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 / Frege Fest IV, V / Probability & Randomness
PhilMath + PhilLogic + FoM Workshops / New Work on Intensional & Epistemic Logics
Set Theory and Higher Order Logic / Various Birkbeck Research Seminars
The Number Concept, Nancy / Philosophie des mathématiques, Paris-Diderot (2010-2011)

Service to Campus & System:
CORCL (2013-2016) / UCOLASC (2015-2016) / Information Security and Privacy Committee (2014-present) / C-ALPHA associate director (2013-present)

Select Recent and Upcoming Courses:
Introduction to Symbolic Logic (Lower Division Undergrad, Winter 2017)
Introduction to Proof Theory (Upper Division Undergrad,  Beginning Grad, Fall 2017)
Introduction to Set Theory (Upper Division Undergrad, Beginning Grad, Fall 2017)

Select Recent and Upcoming Talks:
UCLA March 17 2017
UConn / Berkeley, March 24 / February 24 2017
Bristol, Set Theoretic Pluralism June 20–25 2017