Current Projects

We are a team of researchers at the University of California, Irvine dedicated to improving public policy analysis through advanced quantitative modeling and methodologies. Our specialization lies in quantitative computing, simulation modeling, and population projections. ISML utilizes advanced modeling techniques such as time series, survival regression, and ARIMA modeling, among other exciting statistical methods. [Find out more...]


SimLab concentrates on two novel methodological methods: Synthetic Control Group Models and Discrete-Event Simulaiton Models.

Discrete-Event Simulation Modeling

A discrete-event simulation (DES) model is a type of queuing model that is widely used to analyze phenomena in demography, logistics, transportation, and operations research. Entities enter a system, compete with other entities for resources, and after a waiting period, exit the system. [Find out more...]

Current Clients

Our current clients include the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the California Department of State Hospitals. Our current work includes building unique simulation projection models that consider an organization’s specific management needs and situation. [Find out more...]

Synthetic Control Group Models

To estimate the effect of an exogenous intervention on a treated unit, such as the implementation of a new criminal justice policy in a given state, a control unit is necessary. [Find out more...]

Collaborative Partnerships

We are interested in collaborative partnerships with government organizations and entities that involve creating unique, personalized solutions to complex policy and organizational problems in addition to advancing the production of scientific knowledge. [Find out more...]

Featured News

New book publication: Design and Analysis of Time Series Experiments

SimLab Director Dr. Richard McCleary, co-author Dr. David McDowell, and SimLab Graduate Student Brad Bartos published a new book. Design and Analysis of Time Series Experiments presents the elements of statistical time series analysis while also addressing recent developments in research design and causal modeling. A distinguishing feature of the … [Read More...]

Manuscript Published to SSRN: Generic Discrete-Event Simulation Model of a Prison

SimLab graduate student Bradley J. Bartos and SimLab Director Dr. Richard McCleary published a new paper to SSRN, "Generic Discrete-Event Simulation Model of a Prison". The paper describes a generic discrete-event simulation (DES) model of a prison system. The model tracks individual entities through a prison “career,” beginning with admission and … [Read More...]

Manuscript under review: Restoration to Competency of Forensic Patients in California with Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease

SimLab graduate students Bradley J. Bartos,  Matthew Renner, & Carol Newark along with SimLab Director Dr. Richard McCleary and UCI Criminology professor Dr. Nicholas Scurich have a forthcoming publication, "Restoration to Competency of Forensic Patients in California with Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease". The study focuses on criminal defendants … [Read More...]