Student Projects

garcia_j_2_12_65Janet Garcia-Mercado
Dissertation Title: Broadening participation in mathematics for students from non-dominant backgrounds: The relationship between teacher practice, noticing and pedagogical commitments
About: This study draws on the construct of teacher noticing to examine how teachers attend to and reason about classroom features that influence learning opportunities for non-dominant groups. Just as research examines how teachers’ knowledge, beliefs, and identities influence their practice, I use the lens of noticing to explain the cognitive processes teachers use engaging in these teaching practices. Through this work, I seek to make explicit the noticing of secondary mathematics teachers and the relationship between their noticing, practices and pedagogical commitments.

Alumni Dissertation Projects:

barnhart_65Tara Barnhart
Dissertation Title: Participation in a Video Club: Influences on Teachers and Teaching, Students and Learning
About: This study investigates the critical discourses developed by high school science teachers engaged in a semester-long video club professional development series. The focus of the video club was to enhance participants’ abilities to facilitate students’ thinking and reasoning in science.

chung_65Huy Chung
Dissertation Title: Appropriating and Enacting Literacy Teaching Practices in the Context of the Pathway Project Professional Development Program
About: In this study, I investigate the types of pedagogical tools middle school English teachers take up and adapt from literacy professional development. Moreover, I am also interested in how these tools shape their own learning as well as their students’ learning. Finally, I also seek to understand
cognitive and contextual factors that may influence how teachers are enacting these tools in their classrooms.

gilliland_65Sarah Gilliland
Dissertation Title: Physical Therapist Students’ Clinical Reasoning and Characterizations of Practice
About: This study investigates how doctor of physical therapy students engage in clinical problem solving. Specifically, I examine the types of problems students frame and solve during an encounter with a patient and how their perspectives on practice influence their clinical decision making.

tunney_120 Jessica Tunney
Dissertation Title: A Model of Professional Development for Field-Based Teacher Educators: Addressing Historical Problems Through Local Collaboration
About: This dissertation examines a professional development intervention that brought together university supervisors of student teaching with partner classroom mentor teachers to develop a shared vision of mathematics instruction and shared approaches to mentoring pre-service teachers in the field. The study contributes to practice-based teacher education by offering a model design university-school collaborations aimed at supporting pre-service teachers in connecting learning across university and field site settings.

Cathery Yeh
Dissertation Title: 
A Longitudinal Investigation of Beginning Teachers’ Conceptions and Enactments of Equity-Minded Mathematics Practices
About: This study examines the factors that impact the retention and attrition of culturally and linguistically diverse elementary school teachers and support or impede their development and implementation of reform-based, equity-minded mathematics practices.