Law and social science (LSS) scholarship has demonstrated that the law in practice differs from the law on the books, and that social, political, and identity-based factors shape legal outcomes. Yet, LSS scholars have not yet fully grappled with the ways that technological innovations are reshaping the legal landscape. The time is ripe to explore the legal terrain being created through new technologies. [Find out more…]

Recent Updates

UC Irvine Launches Technology, Law and Society Institute

Dr. Bill Maurer

Bill Maurer is a cultural anthropologist who conducts research on law, property, money and finance, focusing on the technological infrastructures and social relations of exchange and payment. He has particular expertise in emerging, alternative and experimental forms of money and finance, payment technologies, and their legal implications. He has published on topics ranging from offshore… Continue Reading Dr. Bill Maurer

Dr. Mona Lynch

Mona Lynch is Professor and Chancellor’s Fellow in Criminology, Law and Society and, by courtesy, the School of Law at the University of California, Irvine. Trained as a social psychologist, her research focuses on plea bargaining, criminal sentencing, and punishment, and on institutionalized forms of bias within criminal justice settings. She uses multiple methods in… Continue Reading Dr. Mona Lynch