The UCI Brain Computer Interface Lab has undergraduate and master level student researcher positions open in the below areas (research descriptions included):

  • Mechanical Engineering: Students will be involved in the design of implantable enclosures for electronics. This includes the design and fabrication of titanium alloy enclosures to house implantable electronics for a brain-computer inteface system, which will ultimately be surgically implanted into the brain and body. The design process will most likely involve learning 3D CAD design and┬áCNC milling. Testing will involve hermetic seal testing, thermodynamic testing and simulation, electrical integrity testing, etc.
  • Biosciences/Social Sciences: Students will be involved in studying the reception of brain-computer interfaces in society. Students will be involved in studying how brain-computer interface are percieved amongst the people it is intended to target. This study will involve survey design, conducting interviews in the field, and performing analysis on responses.
  • Electrical Engineering: Students will be involved in the design and fabrication of circuits necessary for an implantable brain-computer interface system. This will include the use of electronic schematic design and implementation on electronic layout programs, followed by fabrication at printed circuit board manufacturers. Testing will involve electrical integrity testing as well as field testing of the brain-computer interface systems.

Interested undergraduate students are asked to commit at least 3 quarters of research, and must hold a GPA of 3.5 or higher. 199 options are available, as are UROP opportunities. Masters students are required to take research thesis option in their degree track.

Open Research Student Positions