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This week in lab – 12/12/16

Last week, the lab took a visit to the UCI Medical Center’s clinical microbiology lab. We got a tour of the lab, and learned how patient blood samples are diagnosed as having bacterial contamination.

stephen_microlab_tourShowing a diagnostic strip – suspended cultures are spotted onto each slot of the strip and can be read the next day.




This week in the lab – 9/11/16-9/17/16

As part of her BEST IGERT fellowship training, Tara spent the afternoon in the Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics (LFD) learning how to image cell organelles with a confocal microscope and measure NADH using fluorescent lifetime imaging microscope (FLIM). 



Tara built a simple laser speckle contrast imaging system, using it to visualize flow movement in milk and (attempt to) visualize blood flow in her finger.