MBB Seminars

MBB and CVR Seminar Schedule 2016-2017;
Fridays at noon in Nat Sci 1, Room 1114
Fall Quarter Begins September 19, 2016
Dates Conflicts/Speakers MBB or CVR?
Friday, September 23 Cancer Center/Microbiome Symposium
Friday, September 30 CVR – Jen Martiny, UC Irvine EcoEvo
Friday, October 7 MBB – Rob Spitale, Pharm Sci, UC Irvine. Host: Celia Goulding
Friday, October 14 CVR
Friday, October 21 MBB – Mark Moasser, UCSF. Host: Olga Razarenova
Friday, October 28 CVR
Friday, November 4 MBB – Jikui Song, UC Riverside. Host: Melanie Cocco
Friday, November 11 Veteran’s Day N/A
Friday, November 18 CVR – Prof David Pride, UCSD
Friday, November 25 Thanksgiving Holiday N/A
Friday, December 2 Immunology Fair
Friday, December 9 Finals Week (12/3-9) MBB – Nancy Freitag, UIC. Host: Dana Aswad
Friday, December 16
Friday, December 23 Winter Administrative Recess N/A
Friday, December 30 Winter Administrative Recess N/A

Winter Quarter Begins January 4
Dates Conflicts/Speakers MBB or CVR?
Friday, January 6 CVR
Friday, January 13 MBB – Navdeep Chandel, Northwestern University. Host: Olga Razarenova
Friday, January 20 CVR
Friday, January 27 no seminar because of CMB recruitment
Friday, February 3 MBB – Myron Goodman, USC. Host: Greg Weiss
Friday, February 10 no seminar because of CMB recruitment
Friday, February 17 CVR
Friday, February 24 MBB – Marvin Whiteley, UT Austin. Host: Katrine Whiteson
Friday, March 3 CRI HIV/AIDS (3/2-4) CVR
Friday, March 10 MBB Professor Lin He, Host: Irene Pedersen
Friday, March 17 MBB/CVR Haig Kazazian. Host: Irene Pedersen
Friday, March 24 spring break (Department retreat at Lake Arrowhead)

Spring Quarter Begins March 29
Dates Conflicts/Speakers MBB or CVR?
Friday, March 31 Cesar Chavez Day N/A
Friday, April 7 CVR
Friday, April 14 MBB – Prof. Chris Chang, UC Berkeley. Host: Yilin Hu and Markus Ribbe
Friday, April 21 CVR
Friday, April 28 MBB – Prof. David Britt, UC Davis. Host: Yilin Hu and Markus Ribbe
Friday, May 5 CVR
Friday, May 12 MBB – Prof. Corrie Detweiler, UC Boulder. Host: Michael Buchmeier
Friday, May 19 CVR
Friday, May 26 MBB – Prof. Kenichi Yokoyama, Duke University. Host: Markus Ribbe and Yilin Hu
Friday, June 2 CVR
Friday, June 9 MBB – Prof. Michael Kharas, Sloan Kettering Institute. Host: David Fruman

Friday, June 16 CVR

Here are the detailed instructions on hosting a speaker:

I would ask you to invite your speaker of choice. In the past years it worked great when it was one person per speaker coordinating the visit. Please, provide me with the date ASAP, and I will update this website( http://faculty.sites.uci.edu/whitesonlab/mbb-seminars/ ‎
). After this deadline I will ask people who already invited one speaker to invite one more to finalize the schedule by end of July. Cecilia in the office will help with that, as well as I will.

1. The first thing is to check the list of available dates the day you send an invitation. Here is the link to this website, which will be kept updated by Katrine Whiteson, where the list of speakers along with the dates is posted, please bookmark this page for your reference(!):

2. Please send an invitation letter and CC me in your invitation letter. You might want to include the following paragraph:
“The Department will reimburse you for hotel, travel, and associated meal expenses, and will also provide you with an honorarium of $250. Our seminars are held on Fridays, 12pm-1pm. If you are available to give a talk at our MBB seminar series, please provide me, as soon as possible, with a ranked list of available dates”.

3. After the speaker replies with the dates please Email me the date/s ASAP that I could reserve the date and update the website.

Closer to the date of visit (usually one month before the date):

1. Please Contact Cecilia in the office to start coordinating the speaker’s visit.
a) Cecilia usually contacts the speaker to introduce herself, and advise that she will be working with them along with their host. She asks for their seminar title so she can work on the flyers and advertisement (Cecilia automatically sends out the seminar reminders 2 weeks before, the day before, and the day of the seminar).
b) Cecilia will contact the speaker and explain that they need to arrange their travel, and she asks them to send her their flight itinerary so she can then book their hotel.
The department allows the reimbursement of up to three nights, but usually we reimburse 1-2 nights. As far as I know we require the economy class tickets.
c) Cecilia will automatically take care of the catering for seminar.
Please contact me in case the seminar is canceled for whatever reason: I will try to find a replacement speaker ASAP.

2. Compiling itinerary is the hard part: please contact your speaker and ask if they are interested in meeting a particular Professor at UCI. If not, you would need to Email to the mailing lists of MBB, DevCell or other departments to find out who is interested in meeting the speaker (usually 1-2 people reply). What works best is asking Professors personally about these meetings. Doodle might be very useful. Please consider compiling an itinerary based on the locations of the PIs to minimize the trips from building to building (especially the far away ones). It works best if your Graduate student/Postdoc will take the speaker to the next appointment if it is in a different building and especially across campus. The template for an itinerary can be found here: MBB_Seminar_Itineary_Template2015

3. Lunch-dinner policy: it’s a 4 person limit for lunch, including seminar speaker (usually hosted by three Graduate students from Host’s lab), and a 5 person limit for dinner, including seminar speaker and host. It is very important not to exceed the allowable expenses (Per UCI policy the allowable reimbursement per person is $64, and the MBB alcohol rule is one bottle of wine not to exceed $40.00).

4. The day of seminar, please make sure your speaker meets Cecilia, since she will need to explain them the process of reimbursement through Kuali system. She will also hand them the stamped envelope for sending the receipts to MBB for reimbursement.

Please let me know if there are any questions/concerns.

katrine at uci dot edu

(adapted from Olga Razarenova who organized seminars in 2014-15).

View 2015-16 schedule here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cGXoT3D9ShrW2Tlbou-HHUmtYXvLkEgcOlromVgR4XY

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