The School of Social Sciences Anechoic Facility is a shared School resource for use by all Social Sciences faculty who have an interest in auditory research. The facility includes a large (12.5′x12.5′x7′ interior) acoustically isolated RF-shielded chamber for free-field research and a second smaller RF-shielded steel booth for research using headphones. The facility has access to state-of-the-art equipment including a harmonizer, function generators, oscilloscopes, mixers/equalizers, amplifiers, ABR setup (auditory brainstem recording), and research-quality vocal microphones and headphones.  The facility is managed by an advisory committee of four faculty members (Bruce Berg, Greg Hickok, Ginny Richards, and Kourosh Saberi) whose primary areas of expertise are hearing, speech, and language.

The Anechoic Facility is not available for rental or use by individuals or companies not affiliated with UCI.

To request time for use of the facility contact us at: anechoic@uci.edu