Faculty Websites Benefits & Limitations

Faculty Websites is a free, basic web hosting service using WordPress Multisite that has some wonderful benefits but can also be too limiting for some needs. Before you begin, check to see if this is the right service for you.

Top 5 Benefits

  1. Free. No charge to use the web hosting service.
  2. Web based editing, no desktop software needed.
  3. Unlimited pages and blog posts.
  4. Built-in version control.
  5. Backups and updates are handled for you.

Top 5 Limitations

  1. Limited to installed WordPress plugins and themes. You cannot install or modify themes or plugins.
  2. Limited to editing via WordPress’s WYSIWYG toolbar. (Only basic HTML. No scripting or programming.)
  3. Limited media storage (1 GB).
  4. This is a shared host running more than 500 small websites. Not recommended for departments or large websites.
  5. All website contributors need a UCInetID.

A more detailed list of benefits and options can be found on Are Faculty Websites Right For You?