EZ Columns Retirement

Are you using the EZ Columns tool? This is a button in the toolbar that allows you to put in 'shortcodes' to create columns on a page or post.

EZ Columns Tool

As part of our upgrade to WordPress 5, we need to retire the plugin. It is outdated and does not work with WordPress 5 in our testing.

The good news is that WordPress 5 includes a new block editor that includes a columns module. We also have an optional plugin called Beaver Builder which also makes creating columns both easy and elegant.

How do I know if I'm using EZ Columns?

We are contacting site owners who are using the plugin. You can do a search yourself for the EZ Columns shortcode on your pages and posts.

  1. In the Pages > All Pages section of your dashboard, type [ez in the search field.
    search for ez columns
  2. If you have any pages using the code, it will appear.
  3. You can edit the page to remove the shortcode. If you have Beaver Builder enabled, you can rebuild the columns using the page builder tool. We can help with this, too.
  4. Repeat this for your Posts > All Posts.

What will happen after you retire the plugin?

Your site will still work, but your columns will not display. You will instead see shortcodes like "[ezcol]". You can search through your pages looking for these codes to remove them. If you need help, let us know.

What can I use instead of EZ Columns?

You can use Beaver Builder, a drag and drop page editor. This allows you to easily create columns and drag content into the area you want it to reside. This is an Optional Plugin that we can turn on by request.

After we upgrade to WordPress 5, you can also use the built in block editor to create columns. At this time, it is not as easy to use or as advanced as Beaver Builder's columns, but will be available.

When are you planning on retiring EZ Columns?

We plan to retire EZ Columns on April 12, 2019. This will allow us to complete the upgrade to WordPress 5.

Need Help with Columns?

Let us know if you have questions or if you need help moving to Beaver Builder to convert your columns. We're here to help.