Register for TechnoExpo

TechnoExpo, the campuswide technology event for faculty and staff on October 9, will highlight the many products and services available at UCI that can help enhance your work and address your unique needs and interests in technology.

We wanted to highlight a few of the demonstration booths that may be most relevant to your work and encourage you to attend:

  • AP Recruit – Hiring faculty is never an easy task. We want to make this easier for you! We hope you’ll stop by to tell us what you think about AP Recruit and how we can improve academic recruiting @ UCI.
  • Faculty Research – OIT’s Enterprise Infrastructure division offers a number of services for researchers, including the Lightpath research network, secure virtual server hosting, and server colocation.
  • Scalable Computing and Its Evolution at UCI – For almost a decade, Faculty, researchers, and students have had access to HPC, UCI’s “condo” computing cluster where researchers purchase computing nodes and RCIC maintains the collection of nodes in a cluster for the research community. HPC is evolving to HPC3, The High-Performance Community Computing Cluster. HPC3 still offers a “condo” mode where researchers can add hardware, but it expands to support “purchase by the cycle” and “granted” cycles. Based on the faculty-driven RCI Vision Document, faculty who want granted cycles can receive up to 200,000 core hours/year at no-cost. HPC3 will also have a significant GPU partition enabling researchers to realistically attack large-scale data analytics. Come learn about HPC3, how it can be used in your research and for teaching.
  • Scalable Data Storage for Research – Digital Data is critical to nearly every research domain at UCI. However, storing and analyzing at scale can be quite burdensome without appropriate infrastructure. RCIC (Research Cyberinfrastructure Center) supports data at a scale in the Campus Research Storage Pool (CRSP) and Distributed File system Storage (DFS) for the highest performance access when utilizing RCIC-managed computing clusters. CRSP data is directly accessible from laptops, desktops and lab instruments. It is available 7x24x365 and is configured to be highly-available with immediate duplication of all data. All faculty are granted 1TB of CRSP storage. Additional space can be purchased for those with larger data capacity requirements. DFS, with its emphasis on high performance, relaxes availability requirements and dual copy of data for a lower price. DFS is only accessible from clusters managed by RCIC. CRSP and DFS are complementary with many faculty having space on both systems. Come learn about these data options and how they fit within your research requirements.
  • UCI Libraries: Empower Your Research, Instruction, and Play! – University Libraries offer a wide range of free, useful technologies and 24/7 support to enhance your research process and secure your research output. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will display and demonstrate a variety of technologies that support UCI faculty and staff research, from accessing quality online sources to research data citation and curation.

In addition to the exhibitor booths, breakout sessions on key technology topics will be offered.

Lunch is included with your TechnoExpo registration, and the event will feature door prizes and giveaways. Please sign up for TechnoExpo 2019 today! We hope to see you there.