In 1991, right after finishing college, I traveled to the Soviet Union with OutRight Action International (formerly the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission) to work with gay and lesbian groups in Moscow. With those groups I participated in the resistance to the coup attempt that led to the eventual breakup of the Soviet Union itself. Here is some information about these events, with apologies for the poor quality of many of the scans and photos. During the coup attempt I ran out of film and had to purchase some low-quality black and white film, which I used to photograph the memorials to the three youths killed in Moscow during the coup attempt, and also the pulling down of the statue of Felix Dzerzhinsky, the “father” of the KGB.





Original flyer that we redid and disseminated.

Example #1 and example #2 of flyers produced by Tema, based on the original flyer.

Congressional resolution in regard to the events.

Example #1 and example #2 of San Francisco Examiner coverage of the events.

An article in The Advocate about the events, written by Masha Gessen.

San Francisco Sentinel coverage of the events.

Washington Blade coverage of the events.

A report by me of the events.

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