New NIMH grant examining disparities in children’s psychiatric emergencies

Our team recently received an NIMH R21 grant to examine African-American / white differences in psychiatric emergencies. Use of psychiatric care in the Emergency Department imposes a large economic cost and does not provide optimal care relative to that provided in the non-urgent setting. Over the last 10 years, Community Health Centers have rapidly expanded in medically underserved communities. These health centers offer low-cost, routine mental health care. We analyze whether rapid expansion of these health centers reduces the need for African American youth in particular to seek psychiatric care in the emergency department. Jangho Yoon (Oregon State), Lonnie Snowden (UC Berkeley), and Bharath Chakravarthy (UCI) have lended their expertise for this collaborative project.

About Tim Allen Bruckner

I conduct population health research, which traces its origins from epidemiology, human ecology and demography. My work examines the extent to which health of societies responds to sudden perturbations in the ambient environment. These perturbations occur at the ecological level and include economic downturns, cold spells, the introduction of a casino, 9/11, and health policy changes. A core tenet of my work is that understanding adaptations to sudden changes in the environment provide insight into human behavior and biology.
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