GCMS class

Rob Raguso and I taught a course at RMBL on using GCMS to analyze plant volatiles to 12 graduate students, postdocs, and faculty

The new GC-MS at RMBL is allowing us to do lots of work on floral volatiles this summer

June 6, 2017 Kate Gallagher has successfully defended her PhD

Congratulations Dr. Gallagher!

May 31, 2017 New paper from the Campbell lab

“Is plant fitness proportional to seed set? An experiment and a spatial model” by Diane Campbell, Alison Brody, Mary Price, Nickolas Waser, and George Aldridge has been accepted at American Naturalist

April 27, 2017  Gallagher has a paper accepted at New Phytologist

Kate Gallagher is a PhD student. Her paper “Shifts in water availability mediate plant-pollinator interactions” was recently accepted for publication in New Phytologist. Congratulations Kate!