Teaching and Courses Offered

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Teaching at a large research university has been an excellent opportunity to expose my undergraduates to cutting edge research and allows me to work with some of the best graduate students in the nation. I enjoy learning from all my students as we all work together to better study and understand the social world around us.

At the undergraduate level I teach the introductory statistics series (10 B/C) and an upper-division course on the Sociology of Gender, and a lower division course on the Sociology of Sexuality.

At the graduate level I regularly teach seminars on Political Sociology (with Edwin Amenta), Sociology of Gender, and Gender, Family, and Welfare States. In winter ’13 I taught the 2nd year ProSeminar with Kristin Turney and have taught a Family Research Practicum. In my role as co-Director of Graduate Studies (with Ann Hironaka) we teach a 1st year ProSeminar, as well as helping graduate student negotiate funding, coursework, and advancement through their PhD training. Most recently, I taught a course titled “Data Presentation and Management” that focused on the practical side of conducting analysis for a quantitative paper using STATA. For those looking to improve these skills I highly recommend:

The Workflow of Data Analysis Using STATA by J. Scott Long

Regression Models for Categorical Dependent Variables Using STATA, 3rd Edition by J. Scott Long and Jeremy Freese

Students: Please use EEE and/or Canvas to access course websites and other course materials. This fall I am teaching S161W: Sociology of Sex and Gender and S211: Sociology of Gender. In the spring I will offer S64: Sociology of Sexuality.

UCI Social Sciences Outstanding Teaching Award (2013)