We are pleased to announce that Dorota Skowronska-Krawczyk, PhD has received the BrightFocus Foundation Macular Degeneration Research award titled “Role of Elovl2 in age-related changes in the eye.” In this project, she will be characterizing the role of a new gene involved in lipids metabolism, a process long thought to play an important role in macular degeneration. In this study, she will explore the relationship of inflammation with lipid metabolism in the eye and will explore the function of Elovl2 to help to create a cell culture model of macular degeneration. Award recipients are among a larger group of scientists who will lead 30 new vision research grants from BrightFocus. In addition, Dr. Skowronska-Krawczyk’s application received the Elizabeth Anderson Award for Macular Degeneration Research 2020 for outstanding proposal. This award, selected by the Anderson family, is presented annually in honor of Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson, the beloved wife of Dr. Robert (Gene) Anderson, a longstanding member of the BrightFocus Scientific Review Committee for Macular Degeneration Research.