Group Members

If you are interested in joining the Czimczik lab, please contact us at We are always looking for talented UCI undergraduates (e.g. EarthSS199), future graduate students, and postdocs! We are looking for STEM majors, incl. chemists, biologists, and geo/earth/env. scientists.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Claudia I. Czimczik

received her undergraduate and graduate education in Germany, and obtained a Diplom in Geoecology from the University of Bayreuth (1999) and a PhD from the Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry and Friedrich-Schiller-University (2003) in Jena. She joined UCI’s Department of Earth System Science (ESS) as a researcher in 2003, and the faculty in 2011.

Current Graduate Students

Audrey Odwuor graduated from Rice University in Houston, TX with a BS in Earth Science. She is especially interested in understanding how changing fire regimes affect climate and air quality, specifically via emission of particulate matter. Most recently, she worked on projects attempting to characterize biomass burning aerosol properties according to fuel type and others investigating the fate of pyrogenic carbon in soils and terrestrial ecosystems. She joined ESS in 2018 and is jointly advised by Dr. Claudia Czimczik and Dr. Jim Randerson. Her work involves using radiocarbon signatures of biomass burning aerosols to better understand the sources of particulate matter.

Shawn Pedron graduated from the University of Arizona with a BS in Chemistry in 2015. After working at the Arizona Laboratory for Emerging Contaminants, he joined ESS in 2016. Shawn is developing new technology to elucidate the sources of CO2 emissions from  Arctic tundra under current and future climate. He is particularly interested in understanding the sources of microbial respiration during the long Arctic winter.

Blanca Rodríguez graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Environmental Chemistry in 2015. She joined ESS in 2015 and is co-advised by Dr. Claudia Czimczik and Dr. Saewung Kim.  The focus of her research is the composition and sources of carbonaceous aerosol in the Arctic.  Her research aboard the South Korean icebreaker ARAON will elucidate  marine contributions to the aerosol load in an increasingly ice-free Arctic.

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Former Group Members

Postdoctoral Researchers
Sandra Holden (NOAA Climate and Global Change Fellow)
Max (Massimo) Lupascu; now at National University of Singapore (
Simon Fahrni (KCCAMS Postdoc Fellow), now at Ionplus AG (

Graduate students
Gergana Mouteva
(PhD 2016), now at UW (
Clayton Elder (PhD 2017), now at JPL ( )