Dr. Diane O'Dowd

Developmental and Cell Biology



Below we list our publications in both biology education and in neuroscience. HHMI-mentored undergraduate co-authors are underlined.


Science Education Research

Aguilar-Roca, N., A. Williams, R. Warrior, D.K.O’Dowd (2009) Two minute training in class significantly increases the use of professional formatting in student to faculty email correspondence. IJSoTL 3: 1-15.


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Aguilar-Roca, N.M., Williams, A. and D.K. O’Dowd. 2012. The impact of laptop-free zones on student performance and attitudes in large lectures. Computers in Education 59(4): 1300-1308.



Science Education Advocacy

Anderson WA, Amasino RM, Ares M Jr, Banerjee U, Bartel B, Corces VG, Drennan CL, Elgin SC, Epstein IR, Fanning E, Guillette LJ Jr, Handelsman J, Hatfull GF, Hoy RR, Kelley D, Leinwand LA, Losick R, Lu Y, Lynn DG, Neuhauser C, O’Dowd DK, Olivera T, Pevzner P, Richards-Kortum RR, Rine J, Sah RL, Strobel SA, Walker GC, Walt DR, Warner IM, Wessler S, Willard HF, Zare RN (2011) Competencies: A cure for pre-med. curriculum.Science 334: 760-761. Letter.


Anderson, W.A., U. Banerjee, C.L. Drennan, S.C.R. Elgin, I.R. Epstein, J. Handelsman, G.F. Hatfull, R. Losick*,D.K. O’Dowd*, B.M. Olivera, S.A. Strobel, G.C. Walker, and I.M. Warner (2011) Changing the Culture of Science Education at Research Universities. Science 331: 152-153. *corresponding authors.




Gu, H., S.A. Jiang, J.M. Campusano, J. Iniguez, H. Su, A.A. Hoang, M. Lavian, X. Sun, and D.K.O’Dowd (2009) Cav2-type calcium channels encoded by cac regulate AP-independent neurotransmitter release at cholinergic synapses in adult Drosophila brain. J. Neurophysiol. 101: 42-53.
Hilgenberg, L.G.W, B. Pham, M. Ortega, S. Walid, T. Kemmerly, D.K. O’Dowd, and M.A. Smith (2009) Regulation of a3 sodium potassium ATPase activity modulates cardiac myocyte contraction, J. Biol. Chem. 284: 16956-65.


Sun, L., J. Gilligan, C. Staber, R.J. Schutte, V. Nguyen, D.K.O’Dowd* and R. Reenan* (2012) A knock-in model of human epilepsy in Drosophila reveals a novel cellular mechanism associated with heat-induced seizure. J. Neurosci. 32: 14145-14155. *co-corresponding authors