Our group employs remote sensing data from various platforms (satellites, fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, vessels) to generate Level 3 and Level 4 geophysical products of interest to understand the physical processes governing the evolution of glaciers and ice sheets and to help constrain ocean-ice-sheet coupled numerical models of evolution of glaciers and ice sheets.

In this page, you will find links to our MEaSUREs-1, MEaSUREs-2 and MEaSUREs-3 ice motion and grounding line products for Antarctica, including a continent-wide ice motion map of Antarctica, annual ice-sheet wide time series from 2006 to 2017, finer time series over select glacier sectors (Amundsen Sea Sector, Siple Coast, Totten), along with more standard products for Antarctica: ice shelf boundaries, drainage basins for mass balance assessment, interferometrically-derived and time tagged grounding lines around Antarctica. In 2018, we completed the first phase map of Antarctica which reduces our errors in the interior to the 10-20 cm/yr level (Mouginot et al., 2019).

We also provide an ice sheet wide ice motion product for Greenland and a delineation of all drainage basins in Greenland and its floating ice shelves.

You will also find bed elevation products for Jakobshavn Glacier as part of BedMachine Greenland Version 3.0 (Morlighem et al., 2018). Other glaciers surveyed in 2012 for the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation in Patagonia have products available upon requests but the gravity data are readily available at NSIDC.

In Antarctica, our bathymetry products have been integrated with BedMachine Antarctica Version 1.0 (Morlighem et al., 2019).

Data products collected for the NASA Earth Venture Suborbital Mission “Ocean Melting Greenland” (OMG), E. Rignot Deputy PI, are available on the OMG web site:

A few examples below (sorry but the list is not complete and up to date):