PhD Students in Earth System Science

Prof. Eric Rignot is seeking outstanding and highly motivated students to work in the areas of glaciology, ice sheet numerical modeling, ice-ocean interaction, ocean numerical modeling, remote sensing (satellite interferometric SAR, radar sounding, gravity, ground portable radar interferometer, airborne gravity, shipborne multi beam echo sounding), data assimilation (ice velocity, altimetry, thickness, gravity), and data science (remote sensing network, data science, and machine learning) to understand and project the evolution of ice sheets in a warming climate and reduce the uncertainties of the projections of sea level rise from melting ice sheets.

PhD students will learn about the causes and effects of changes in ice sheet mass balance but also about the solutions to sea level rise, i.e. adaptation and mitigation strategies. We are increasingly working together with engineers and social scientists to advocate our research, communicate the results, learn how the results are used by policy makers and stake holders, and in return provide more useful and timely information for decision making.

Interested students should contact Prof. Eric Rignot by email, along with a description of their research interest, motivation, and CV.

For more information about UCI ESS PhD degree, please consult http://www.ess.uci.edu/grad and “Why choose UCI“.

We will have two openings next year (fall 2020), may be three, on the general themes of interferometric radar remote sensing of ice velocity and grounding lines, calving dynamics, ice-ocean interaction, data science and machine learning.

Candidates with a solid experience in geophysics, machine learning, mathematical methods, satellite radar interferometry, and glaciology will be given special consideration for a faster completion of their PhD.

We strongly encourage applicants with diverse background in line with the DECADE program at UC Irvine to promote diversity and inclusive excellence.

Candidates will work in our research group and interact with researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and participate in field work in Greenland over the summer.

NEW:  6-month internship (stage de Cesure Centralesupelec) in Earth System Science

We are seeking outstanding master-degree-level students for a period of six months to work on glaciology remote sensing (synthetic-aperture radar interferometry and multi sensor data analytics) on a NASA Antarctic project. Background on scientific programming preferred, strong interest in conducting scientific research in the polar regions, good communication skills. Applicant will work a team of PhD students, permanent researchers and faculty.

Interested individuals should submit a CV in english and a letter of motivation by email to erignot@uci.edu (ECP’85). We encourage applications from diverse backgrounds to improve diversity and inclusive excellence in our department.

Starting period Jan./Feb. 2020, 2021, etc.

NASA URSA/ASI Postdoctoral Scholar for work with the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI) and NASA/JPL  (2017-2018-2019)

Prof. Eric Rignot is seeking outstanding candidates in the area of SAR interferometry and glaciology to work with the Italian Cosmo SkyMed ASI data in Antarctica and Greenland under a Fellowship administered by NASA.

Interested scholars with Italian citizenship should contact Prof. Eric Rignot by email, along with a description of their research interest, and CV.

A 12-month minimum commitment is expected. Pending successful performance and the availability of Federal funding, the position may be renewed for up to two years.

NASA URSA Postdoctoral Scholar to work on Cryosphere Program. 

A postdoctoral scholar position is available in the Department of Earth System Science at the University of California, Irvine in Prof. Eric Rignot’s group on topics related to numerical ice sheet modeling, satellite/airborne data assimilation, and ice dynamics.

A Ph.D. in mathematics, physics, oceanography or glaciology is desired.  Experience with programming (C, Matlab, Perl), image/signal processing, or finite element methods is a plus. The successful candidate will have excellent written and oral communication skills, along with demonstrated ability to work well in a collaborative environment.

This opportunity is open to all Domestic and International Applicants.

Application Method:
For full consideration, please submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae and the names and telephone numbers and emails of three references to Eric Rignot at erignot@uci.edu. A 12-month minimum commitment is expected. Pending successful performance and the availability of Federal funding, the position may be renewed for up to two years.

Take a course in Earth System Science with Prof. Eric Rignot:

EarthSS 60A: Fundamental Processes in Earth and Environmental Studies (To be phased out in 2018)

EarthSS 138: Satellite Remote Sensing for Earth System Science (undergraduate course);

EarthSS 238: Advanced Satellite Remote Sensing for Earth System Science (graduate course)

EarthSS 215: Cryosphere (new class in Winter 2020)

EarthSS 202: Climate Change