Lab Alumni

Janahan Arulmoli, Ph.D.
Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Fellow
Graduated Aug 2016



Chang Zhao
Masters Student- Biotechnology (Co-advised- Tombola Lab)



Urmi Sheth
Undergraduate Researcher – Biology



Jami NJNourse, Ph.D.
Project Scientist




NNMicolo Mendoza
Lab Manager




SFStephen Flynn
CIRM Bridges to Stem Cell Resea
rch Intern from CSU Fullerton



Jordan Edmunds
Undergraduate Researcher- Neurobiology

Christina HuangCH
High School Student Researcher
Palos Verdes Peninsula High School
Currently a Biomedical Engineering student at Yale University

generic profileLisa McDonnell, M.S.
Lab Manager
generic profileMindy Simon, Ph.D.
Ph.D. Student – Biomedical Engineering
Graduated in 2014
Currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Kayla MuthKayla Muth
Master’s student – Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
photo-2Boss Povieng
Fourth year student – Biology
YaldaYalda Ghader
Second year student – Biology
patrick torresPatrick James Torres
Fourth year student –  Pharmaceutical Sciences

Jente Lu, Ph.D.

Ph.D Student
Graduated in 2011






Amanda Dickson

Former Lab Manager
Former Member of UCI Stem Cell Core Research Facility
Planning to attend medical school



generic profileChesca Barrios
UROP Scholar
Graduated in June 2012
Attending Medical School




generic profileMarc Salvatus
Biology Undergraduate





generic profile

Syed Nawas Ahmed

CSU Fullerton Bridges to Stem Cells Scholar
Graduated CSUF in December 2012




Ying Li
Master’s student





Adnan Akil
Master’s student
Currently working in industry

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