Edit Lab Members Page

Your Faculty Lab website was created with some pre-built pages. You should edit these pages and replace the content with your own.

  1. Login to your website using the Login link from Site Tools on the right sidebar of your website.
  2. Go to the Pages section and select Lab Members
    Edit Lab Members Page
    Alternately, if you are logged in you can select Edit from the Public view of your Lab Members page.
    Edit Link screenshot
  3. Replace the existing content with your own. We have created some sample text and images to help you get started.
  4. To Replace an Image
    1. Select the generic profile image and click Delete.
    2. Click the Add Media button above the formatting toolbar.
      Add Media
    3. Drag the image file into the Insert Media overlay or click the Upload Files tab and the Select Files button to browse to your image. (Images must be in a web friendly format like .jpg, jpeg, .gif, or .png)
    4. In the Attachment Details area, type in the person’s name in the Alternate Text field. This will help make your page accessible to screen readers.
    5. Set Alignment to Left. This will allow the other text to wrap to the right.
    6. Select Thumbnail for the size.
    7. Click Insert into page.
      Attachment Details
    8. Continue changing the images and information for each member of your lab.
  5. Click Preview Changes in the Publish toolbox in the upper right of the page to preview what your page will look like with your own content. The Preview page will open in a new window or tab of your browser.
    Preview Changes
  6. When you are satisfied with the changes, click Update in the Publish box.
    Update Changes
  7. Your content will be published to your Lab Members Page.

Note: If you do not want to include a Lab Members Page you can delete this page by clicking on Move to Trash in the Publish box. (See above.)