Edit the Contact Information in the Sidebar

Sample contact information is listed in the sidebar of your website. Follow the steps below to edit this section with your contact information.

  1. Login to your website using the Login link from Site Tools on the right sidebar of your website.
    Note: if you are already logged in this will read “Site Admin.”
  2. Select Widgets from the Appearance toolbar in the Admin area.
    Appearance > Widgets
  3. Click the triangle next to Text: Your Name in the Primary Widget Area to expand the widget.
    Expand Text Widget
  4. Replace the existing content with your own.
    Replace your contact information
  5. When you are done, click Save.
  6. Click Close to close this edit box.
  7. View your website to see the changes.
    Hint: You can always view the public view of your website by clicking on the Site Name in the top of the Admin screen.
    Contact information on site