Edit the Main Menu

Your website includes a custom menu with links to your news section and your pages. You can edit this menu at any time, add new items and re-order the menu items using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Change the Main Menu Order

  1. Login to your website using the Login link from Site Tools in the right sidebar of your website.Note: If you are already logged in this will read “Site Admin.”
  2. Select Appearance > Menus  from the Admin Toolbar on the left.
    Appearance > Menus
  3. To change the order of the Main Menu, select the menu item you want to move and drag to a new location.
    Re-order Menu
  4. You can create sub-menus by dragging a menu item underneath and to the right of another menu item.
  5. If you’ve made any changes, click Save Menu.
  6. Optional: You may also check the item “Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu”. This will automatically add any pages that do not have a parent page.

Add a New Menu Item

You can add different types of menu items including Pages you have published, custom links to other web pages and categories of Posts.

Add a New Page Menu Item

  1. Create a new page and Publish it.
  2. Select Appearance > Menus
  3. To add your new page, select the page from the Pages panel and click Add to Menu.
    Add to Menu
  4. The new page will be added at the bottom of your Main Menu list.
  5. Drag the new menu item to the desired location.
  6. Click Save Menu.

Add a Custom Link Menu Item

  1. To add a custom link, expand the Links menu panel by clicking on the triangle.
    Expand pane
  2. Type the website address in the URL field of the Links panel.
  3. Type a short description in the Label field. This will be the text displayed in the Menu.
    Link Panel
  4. Click Add to Menu.
  5. Drag the new menu item to the desired location.
  6. Click Save Menu.

Managing Menus Through the Customizer

WordPress now lets you manage your custom menus through the Customizer tool available from the Appearance menu.

  1. Go to the Admin Panel and select Appearance > Customize
  2. Select Menus from available choices.
    Customize Menus
  3. Select the Menu you want to edit or click the Add a Menu button to create a new menu.
  4. While editing the menu, you can add new menu items, reorder the existing items, choose the menu location, etc.
  5. The changes to your menu will appear to the right in the preview area.
  6. When you are satisfied with your changes, click the Save & Publish button at the top.
    Menu customizer choices

Introduction to Menus Video