Links Widget

The Links Widget displays a list of links (a.k.a. blogroll) in your sidebar. If you want to share a list of favorite sites or blogs, you can do so with this tool.

Add New Links

  1. To add a new link to the widget, click on Links > Add New.
    Add New Link
  2. Type in a Name for the link. This is the display name for the link.
  3. Type in the Web Address or URL
  4. Type in a description (optional)
  5. Select a Category. (You can create categories to organize different types of links in your sidebar.)
  6. Click Add Link in the Save box.
    Link Settings
  7. Continue adding links as needed.
  8. If you need to edit or remove a link, go to Links > All Links to make changes.

Adding the Links Widget to your Sidebar

Here is an example of what a Links Widget looks like in a sidebar.

Links Widget


  1. Go to Appearance > Widgets
    Widgets Menu

  2. Drag the Links Widget to the appropriate widget area or select the widget area and click Add Widget.Link Widget
  3. Select your display options.
    1. If you have categories, you can select which category you want to display.
    2. Decide the sort order.
    3. Decide if you want to show a link image, link name, description or rating. (Image, description and rating were options when creating the link.)
    4. Decide if you want to limit the links shown.
    5. Click Save
      If not all of the options are available, it is likely due to the theme. Older themes may not have all the options.
      Widget Options

View Your Link Widget On Your Site

You can view the links on your site by going to the public view of your site.

Links Widget on Site