Maintenance Mode

Want to work on major changes to your website, but keep it under wraps until you are ready? WP Maintenance Mode lets you add a notice on your site letting your visitors know that the site is down for maintenance while allowing you full access to make changes behind the scenes.

Note: Maintenance Mode is an Optional Plugin. It is not on by default. Please use the Optional Plugin request form to have it enabled for your site.

Activating WP Maintenance Mode

  1. From your Admin area, go to Settings > WP Maintenance Mode
  2. Under the General tab, select Activated.
  3. Click Save settings at the bottom of the page.

Your site will now show that is in maintenance to non-logged in users.

  • Users with the administrator role will still see the non-maintenance mode both front and back-end.
  • You can choose to allow users with other roles (Editor, Author, Contributor) to see both the backend and frontend, too.

Check your site in a different browser or in Incognito Mode to see what your visitors will see.

Example of the home page
Site before Maintenance Mode
Maintenance Mode Example
Maintenance Mode Example

Modifying the Maintenance Message and Design

Customize the message and background to suit your needs.

  1. In the WP Maintenance Mode settings, select the Design tab.
  2. Title: You can change the Title to match your site.
  3. Heading: You can change the heading that is displayed on the page.
  4. Text: You can change information displayed on the page.
  5. Background: You can choose a color, upload a photo (1920x1280 pixels) or use one of the predefined phots.
  6. Click Save Changes.

Example of a maintenance mode page with modifications


Deactivate When You Are Done

Work on your site behind the scenes. When you are ready, remember to deactivate WP Maintenance Mode. You will see a reminder in the Dashboard when it is active.

Reminder to Deactivate in Dashboard