We install WordPress plugins to extend the functionality of Faculty Websites when it benefits the majority of our user base. We are conservative in our approach to new plugins because they affect the entire system. Plugin conflicts or plugins with insecure code can affect the entire system and all of the sites we host.

Site-wide Enabled Plugins

Generally, these plugins and their added functionality are seamless to site owners. You will see them in additional Tools or Settings. Some examples of these plugins include:

  • Custom Meta Widget – more options than the standard login widget
  • Google Analytics + - Allow you to view basic analytics and add custom Google Analytics code to track your site's traffic.
  • Image Widget – a simple image widget allowing you to easily upload and insert images in a sidebar
  • MCE Table Buttons – adds a row of table buttons to the formatting toolbar
  • Simple Lightbox – overlays the image when clicked automatically

Optional Plugins

In addition to the site-wide plugins, we have a few that we can turn on an individual basis. They include:

  • AddToAny - Share buttons for WordPress including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, WhatsApp, many more, and follow icons too.
  • Additional CSS - Edit custom CSS to change the appearance of your theme.
  • Custom CSS - Use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to modify your theme.
  • Easy Twitter Feed - helps you add your Twitter feed as a widget.
  • Simple Social Icons -Social media widget to link to your social media pages.
  • WPForms - Beginner-friendly WordPress contact form plugin. Use our Drag & Drop form builder to create your WordPress forms.
  • WP Accessibility - This plug-in helps with a variety of common accessibility problems in WordPress themes. While most accessibility issues can't be addressed without directly changing your theme, WP Accessibility adds a number of helpful accessibility features with a minimum amount of setup or expert knowledge.
  • WP Maintenance Mode - Adds a maintenance page to your site letting visitors know the site is being worked on and allowing you access to work on the site behind the scenes.

Optional Plugin Request