Google Maps

We are no longer offering the Google Maps plugin. Instead we recommend using the Beaver Builder Page Builder which includes a map module, along with many other features.  See our Optional Plugin page and request form.

If you already have Google Maps enabled, you can use the instructions below.

How To Use Google Maps

The Google Map plugin adds a “Add Map” icon to your visual editor. Once you’ve created your new map it is inserted into write Post / Page area as shortcode which looks like this: [map id=”1″].

It also includes a Google Maps widget for displaying maps in your site’s sidebar as well as the ability to create mashups from your maps.

Configuring your default Google Maps options

1.  Go to Settings > Google Maps plugin
Google Maps Dashboard


2.  Select your preferred Google Maps defaults from the options available.
Google Maps Settings

The default map type controls which type of Google Map is embedded. Changes to Default map type applies to newly created maps only; not previously created maps.
Google Map View Options


3. Custom Fields
Google Maps Custom Fields


The Custom Fields settings allow you to set specific Longitude and Latitudes, which when found in a post will automatically create a Google Map in it’s place. Which in combination with the default alignment and size settings mentioned earlier, can be quite the powerful tool for showing locations on your website!

4. Select your Add-ons.

The Google Map plugin has all kinds of great Add-ons to give your maps some awesome features!
Google Map Add Ons


Simply select which ones you’d like included, and you’re all set!

5. Don’t forget to click Save Changes!

Adding a Google Map to a Post or Page

The Google Map plugin adds a “Add Map” icon to your visual editor. Once you’ve created your new map it is inserted into write Post / Page area as shortcode which looks like this: [map id="1"].

It also adds a widget so you can add maps to your sidebar (see Appearance > Widgets).

Let’s take a look!

1.  When creating a new post or page, Click on the Add Map icon. Which will bring a pop over for creating new maps, or reusing already created ones.
Add a Map Icon

New Google Map



2.  Add the address of the location you want to add and then click Add.  This adds a place marker to your map and displays the location at the bottom of the map.

3.  To add more location(s), just add the address(es) and then click Add.

4.  Alternatively you can add a location(s) by zooming in on your map, click on Drop Marker to add a Marker to your Map and then drag/drop it to the desired location.

5.  Be sure to give your map a name.

6.  Now zoom in on your place marker(s) so your readers have the best map view of your location.
Zoom Map


7.  Click on the Place Marker if you want to change the Title of location or Information about the location. You can also click on the Icon to change the Marker’s icon.
Place Marker


8.  Next click Save changes to this map.

9. Finally click on Map Options, select your preferences , click OK to close the Map Options window and then click Insert this map.  Select “Associate map with this post” if you want to be able to create mashups with your maps.
Map Options


10. You should now see your map shortcode displayed and your Google map embedded in your Post or Page when published.
Map Shortcode


On load on the public facing pages, maps are always centered to the last existing marker location.