Setting up WP Accessibility

We have an optional plugin to help make your blog or website more accessible. More information on the plugin can be found at:

From the WP Accessibility’s Plugin Description

The plug-in is intended to help with deficiencies commonly found in themes and to solve some issues in WordPress core. It can’t correct every problem (by a long shot), but provides tools to fix some issues, supplement the accessibility of your site, or identify problems.

Note: This is an optional plugin and is not activated by default. To use this plugin, go to our Optional Plugins page and send in the request to have it activated.

WP Accessibility Settings

WP Accessibility Settings: Click to enlarge

WP Accessibility Settings We Use

These are the settings we use for this website. These are only suggestions. Test your site using one of the available testing tools to see how to make further improvements to make your site more accessible.

Remove Title Attributes

  • Check the boxes for Tag clouds and Archive links.
  • Click the “Update Title Attribute Settings” button to save your changes.

Add Skiplinks

  • Check “Enable Skiplinks
  • Check “Skiplinks always visible” (optional)
    • This will place two links at the top of each page so that sighted and screen visitors can skip to your content or navigation. If you “Enable” skiplinks, but disable visibility, they will be on the site but hidden from sighted visitors.
  • Click the “Update Skiplink Settings” button to save your changes.

Miscellaneous Accessibility Settings

  • Check “Add Site Language and text direction to HTML element
  • Check “
  • Check “
  • Check “Remove target attribute from links
  • Check “Force search error on empty search submission (theme must have search.php template)
  • Check “Remove tabindex from focusable elements
  • Optional: “Add Accessibility toolbar with fontsize adjustment and contrast toggle”
    • This will add a toolbar to the side of your site that will allow your visitors to increase the font size, adjust the contrast and optionally allow grayscale.
  • Click the “Update Miscellaneous Settings” button if you have made any changes.