Slideshows using Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is an optional plugin available on Faculty Websites. Beaver Builder includes a Slideshow module that cycles through a gallery of images one image at a time. You can cycle through images automatically at a speed you choose or you can let your visitors use navigation controls to cycle through the images.

Building a Slideshow

You will need to have Beaver Builder enabled on your website. It is not on by default, but you can request it using our Optional Plugin request form.

  1. Create a new page or edit an existing page where you want to display a slideshow.
  2. Select Beaver Builder as the editor.
    1. If you are using the Classic Editor, you will see a tab called Beaver Builder.
    2. If you are using the Block Editor, you will see a button called Launch Beaver Builder.
  3. Select Slideshow from the Modules. It is in the Media section. Drag it to the location where you want your slideshow to appear.
    Slideshow Module
  4. In the General tab, select Media Library as the Source.
  5. Click Add Photos in the Photos area to choose your slideshow photos.
  6. Select the photos from your Media Library by either selecting ones you have already uploaded or upload new ones. Click Add to gallery.
  7. Select the height you want your photos displayed. The default is 500px.
  8. Choose if you want a light or dark skin on the slideshow.
  9. Choose if you want to crop your photos. If you choose No, the photos will be the height you specify, but the width will be proportional to the photo. If you choose Yes, the right and left will be cropped to fit both height and width. This works better if you have photos with different dimensions.
  10. Under the Playback tab, you can decide if you want to Auto Play the slideshow, the speed that the photos will change, the transition style, the transition speed, and if you want the photos to appear in random order.
  11. Under the Controls tab, you can choose if you want navigation arrows and if you want any navigation shown. You can choose from buttons or thumbnails.

Slideshow Example