Travis E. Huxman

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Desert annuals and rising CO2

StanRing2 copyWell, this is a milestone – the final paper including data from my dissertation was published in Global Change Biology this winter (Smith SD, Charlet TN, Zitzer SF, Abella SR, Vanier CH, Huxman TE (2014) Long-term response of a Mojave Desert winter annual plant community to a whole-ecosystem atmospheric CO2 manipulation (FACE).  Global Change Biology 20:879-892).  We had collected some fantastic data on four abundance species in the Mojave Desert at the FACE site in 1998, which included great biomass allocation patterns and seed production dynamics.  However, we never really found the right vehicle to get the data out and decided to hold on until we published data from the entire experiment.  So, almost 16 years after the data were collected, they are finally out in the literature!