Travis E. Huxman

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Evaluating ecological memory in biogeochemistry

coverA new paper has just come out in New Phytologist that derived from several graduate student projects from the lab (Greg, Jessie) in our larger ecosystem flux work in Arizona (with Russ and Darrel), in collaboration with folks interested in coupling data and models (Kiona, Lisa).  This is a pretty cool paper that only could have come about from a multi-faceted collaboration between biogeochemists, hydrologists, fluxers, biostatisticians, ecophysiologists, and just plan old cool scientists – all aimed at understanding how above and below ground processes are influenced by current and past weather drivers.  A series of these papers is in the works, applying the ideas to a number of settings and processes.  Our hope is that it will help us to see how time, and the sequencing of important events, all structure the biology we see on real landscapes.