El Areyto Lab


In El AREYTO Lab, we investigate issues pertaining to second/heritage language acquisition and bilingualism. We employ both quantitative and qualitative methods to understand better how individuals learn additional language(s) as well as how the bilingual experience affects people’s lives.

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(Current Lab Members)

Principal Investigator: Julio Torres

Lab Coordinator: Nicole A. Vargas Fuentes

Location: Humanities Hall 340A


 1. The role of metalinguistic knowledge in third language development among early and late bilinguals

Collaborator: Cesar M. Rosales, UCI undergraduate, Psychology and Language Science major

2. Emotional memory and bilingualism

Collaborators: Nicole A. Vargas Fuentes, PhD Candidate in Language Science and Judith Kroll, Distinguished Professor in Language Science

3. Heritage language learners’ lexical performance across pair types and (non-)digital writing task environments 

Collaborator: Nicole A. Vargas Fuentes, PhD Candidate in Language Science

4. Individual Differences and Writing Behavior in English and Spanish among heritage language learners 

5. Timing of explicit instruction on heritage language learners’ oral task performance

Collaborator: Melissa Bowles, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign