El Areyto Lab


In El AREYTO Lab, we investigate issues pertaining to second/heritage language acquisition and bilingualism. We employ both quantitative and qualitative methods to understand better how individuals learn additional language(s) as well as how the bilingual experience affects people’s lives.

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(Current Lab Members)

Principal Investigator: Julio Torres

Location: Humanities Hall 340A


 1. Task-based interactions between heritage and second language learners across face-to-face and computer-mediated communication: Writing Performance & Personality Profiles

Collaborators: Bianca Cung, UC Irvine

2. Validating and measuring language attitudes through an ‘Implicit Association Task.’ 

3. Task-based interaction in synchronous computer-mediated communication with Korean heritage learners.

Collaborator: Sei Lee, UC Irvine

4. The role of different online task-based interactions (text chat, video chat, audio chat) on interaction and text quality among intermediate Spanish learners.

Collaborator: Iñigo Yanguas, University of San Diego

5. Cognitive and sociocultural resources in a new linguistic environment: A longitudinal study of returnees

Collaborator: Valeria Valencia, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Tijuana

6. Exploring Spanish-English bilinguals’ language dominance and proficiency as predictors of acculturated stress 

Collaborators: Jayson Smith, UC Irvine