We are always looking for new talents who share our interests and our passion for neuroscience. We are building a multi-disciplinary team of biologists, physicists and computer scientists to unveil fundamental properties of cognitive circuits and to gain deeper understanding of our nervous system’s vulnerability to stress.

Postdoctoral opportunities

We aim to attract highly motivated postdocs whose ambition is to become a leading force in cellular and systems neuroscience. Our group provides the perfect opportunity to build on your previous expertise and add new skills to your existing set. Experience with slice physiology, multi-photon imaging, intracranial injections and MATLAB is welcome but not essential. If you are interested, contact us at glur@uci.edu.

Graduate students

If you are a UCI graduate student looking for a rotation or a lab to join and you are excited about mapping out cortical circuits, learning eletrophysiology and optical techniques or intrigued about the ways stress ruins cognitive performance don’t hesitate to contact me (glur@uci.edu). If you are an undergrad looking for a neuroscience graduate program, take a look at UCI’s own Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program.

Undergraduate / Research Assistant

Do you want to try your hands in the lab? Do you want to test whether a career in research is for you? If you don’t shy away from hard work and interested in neuroscience you should join us for a short project or maybe for a year or two! You can send your resume to glur@uci.edu.