Personal Background I grew up in Adelaide in South Australia, and finished a PhD with Doug Vickers at the University of Adelaide in 1997. I spent 5 years post-PhD at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation doing research for intelligence analysts. I returned to the Department of Psychology at the University of Adelaide in 2001 as a faculty member, before moving to UC Irvine in 2006. I think of California as home, and I would like to think of Amsterdam as a second home. (I definitely think of Amsterdam as the perfect antidote to southern California with old buildings, public transport, great bread and beer, and crappy weather).

Research Summary My research involves the development, evaluation, and application of models of cognition including representation, memory, learning, and decision making, with a special focus on individual differences and collective cognition. Much of my research uses naturally occurring behavioral data, and tries to pursue a solution-oriented approach to empirical science, in which the research questions are generated from real-world problems. My methods involve probabilistic generative modeling, and Bayesian methods of computational analysis.

Contact details:

office: Social Behavioral Sciences Gateway 2568
lab: Social Behavioral Sciences Gateway 2555

Department of Cognitive Sciences
3151 Social Sciences Plaza A
University of California Irvine
Irvine CA, 92697-5100