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On-Line Synthesis Literature Sources (Notes from Larry’s Synthesis Classes)

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(1) Review Database
Synthesis Reviews – A database of 18,094 articles and books of interest to synthetic chemists (coverage 1970 to the middle of 2004) compiled by P. Kocienski and co-workers. The database is provided free to subscribers of Synthesis (downloadable from UCI). Synthesis Reviews is best imported into EndNote, although it could be searched with any word processing program. The database is not copy-protected and “copies can be freely circulated.”

(2) Organic Syntheses

(3) Other Useful Links

Kinetics and R2N-Li Deprotonations
Polar reactivity parameters (H. Mayr, University of Munich)
pKa tables (D. Evans)
Organic Chemistry Info (H. Reich, University of Wisconsin)

Reaction Retrieval System (Web Reactions)
Rob Toreki’s Organometallic Hyper Textbook
Listing of U.S. and Canadian Organic Professors’ Websites – Organized by name and/or state
Dictionary of Natural Products

How to Write a Scientific Paper (by George Whitesides)



Miscellaneous Resources

CAS Standard Abbreviations and Acronyms
Organic chemistry nomenclature
Classic Organic Reactions
Bordwell pKa Table (Acidity in DMSO) (H. Reich, University of Wisconsin)
Selected total syntheses (H. Reich, University of Wisconsin)
Links for Chemists (Chemistry section of the WWW Virtual Library)
Synthesis handouts (A. Myers, Harvard University)
Named Reactions I
Named Reactions II
Named Reactions III