Welcome to the Performance-based Earthquake Engineering Laboratory (PBEE-lab) at University of California – Irvine (UCI). The focus of the research performed in PBEE-lab is on development of new methodologies for enhancement of PBEE, implementation of PBEE for assessment of specific structure types, i.e. buildings and bridges, and the development of tools for implementation of PBEE by engineering practice. PBEE-lab collaborates with national and international  research entities with the goal of mitigating earthquake hazard by enhancing structural design.

PBEE-lab is based in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UCI with Dr. Farzin Zareian as the principal investigator.  The lab houses the research of a small number of elite students ranging from under-graduate to doctoral students. We are part of the UCI’s Henry Samuelli School of Engineering (HSSoE) whose mission statement is: “We are the research institution of higher learning.