No Child Left Alone



Here is a link to the study, available for free from the UC Press open-science journal Collabra

And here is an Op-Ed we published in the Washington Post on 12/16/16 describing the research and some of its implications

Here are some of the places the study has been discussed and/or we have been interviewed about this research (radio, TV, print media, podcasts):

New York Times, 7/27/18

Good Morning America, 7/30/18

ABC News, forthcoming

National Public Radio, 8/22/16

Scientific American Mind (Makin), 1/1/17

UK Daily Mail, 8/25/16

New York Post, 9/8/16

Bloomberg, 9/12/16

Science Daily, 8/23/16

Psychology Today, 10/2/16

Huffington Post, 9/27/16

Slate, 8/24/16

Consumer Affairs, 8/29/16

New York Magazine, 8/26/16, 9/7/16, 9/15/16

Quartz, 9/7/16

The Federalist, 9/2/16

Free-Range Kids, 8/30/16

Library of Economics and Liberty, 9/6/16

McMillan (The Psychology Community), 8/31/16

DownTown Express, 9/1/16

American Spectator, 9/29/16

Psych Central, 9/28/16

The Walrus, 11/17/16

Univision (in Spanish), 9/6/16

Nostro Figlio (in Italian), 8/25/16

Vital (in Hungarian), 9/1/16

Here are some interviews with one or more of us and stories about us on the radio, TV, and podcasts:

Air Talk with Larry Mantle (KPCC), 8/25/16

Top of the Mind with Julie Rose (BYU Radio), 8/29/16

The Savage Lovecast, 9/6/16

Athiestically Speaking, 9/21/16 Part 1  9/25/16 Part 2

Rising Up With Sonali, 8/16

Feminist Philosophers, 8/22/16

Radio Calgary News Talk 770

On Your Side (WRDW News 12 NBC 26), 8/29/16

Good Day Philadelphia (Fox Ch. 29), 8/30/16

Ask A Leader (KUCI), 9/27/16

The Current (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

How Not to F!ck Up Your Kids Too Bad (Stephen Marche podcast), 5/31/18

Maclean’s, 4/17/2018

Romper, 8/1/2018