PPE & Teaching


Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics (PPE)

I am director of UC Irvine’s new master’s program in PPE. PPE students receive a coherent interdisciplinary education in philosophy, political science, and economics. These three fields have a lot in common and prepare students for a number of different career paths. For more information, please visit this page ¬†or write me an email.


Rational Choice (Spring 2011/Fall2014) Syllabus
Philosophy of Economics (Winter 2011/Spring 2013) Syllabus
Set Theory (Fall 2010) Syllabus
Philosophy of Biology (Spring 2010) Syllabus
Introduction to Evolutionary Game Theory (Winter 2010/2011/Spring 2012) Syllabus
Introduction to Inductive Logic (Spring 2009/10/13/14) Syllabus


Learning in Games (Fall 2009) Syllabus
Game Theoretic Models of Signaling (Winter 2009/Winter 2012) Syllabus
Development of Inductive Logic (Fall 2012) Syllabus
de Finetti’s Philosophy of Probability (Spring 2010)