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Hamsi Radhakrishnan

Hamsanandini (Hamsi) Radhakrishnan, B.S., Graduate Student

B.S., Biotechnology, 2017, BMS College of Engineering, India

Hamsi graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology Engineering in 2017 from BMS College of Engineering, India. She then immediately began her graduate program in the department of Mathematical, Computational and Systems Biology at the University of California, Irvine. She is particularly interested in exploring how pathological and developmental changes influence brain anatomy and, consequently, its underlying connectivity. She has begun doing so by tying together neuroimaging techniques at multiple levels of detail and resolution: from diffusion tensor imaging to immunohistochemistry and light sheet microscopy. She is also interested in developing mathematical models and designing novel computational tools to better understand and analyze neurological data.


2017- current   Graduate Student, Mathematical and Computational Systems Biology, University of California, Irvine

2013-2017        Biotechnology Major, BMS Collect of Engineering, India


Yallappa, S., DR, D., Sammeta, Y., Radhakrishnan, H., Chandraprasad, M., Kumar, A., Hegde, G. (2017). Natural Biowaste of Groundnut shell derived nano carbons: Synthesis, Characterization and its in vitro antibacterial activity. Nano-structures & Nano-objects 12, 84-90.

Radhakrishnana H, Stark SM, & Stark CEL (2020) Microstructural alterations in hippocampal subfields mediate age-related memory decline in humans. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience,


2nd Place for Poster Presentation at the National Symposium for Next Generation Sequencing held at M S Rammaiah Institute of Technology for ‘Unveiling the role of ncRNAs in Autism Spectrum Disorders.’