Welcome to the Sunmin Lee Lab at UCI.

We are a social epidemiology lab led by University of California, Irvine (UCI) professor, Sunmin Lee ScD. Our research aim is to reduce health disparities, particularly among Asian Americans.

We use a mixed methods approach, combining both quantitative and qualitative strategies in our data collection and analysis. Our ongoing projects aim to both (1) better understand the epidemiology and causes of health disparities and (2) design data-based interventions to directly address real health-related issues in the community.

In the past, Dr. Sunmin Lee has already contributed to and pioneered multiple NIH and CDC funded studies addressing colorectal cancer screening, hepatitis B screening and vaccination, and breast cancer survivorship among Asian Americans.

Currently, Dr. Lee is leading a NIH-funded R01 study to increase colorectal cancer screening among Chinese and Korean Americans using shared decision making approach.

Feel free to look around our website for more information on what we do.