About Us


The Education Center for Research on Teacher Development and Professional Practice in the School of Education at the University of California, Irvine fosters collaborations among faculty, students, and practitioners on projects focused on a variety of aspects of teacher development and learning and on the study of teaching and teacher professional practice.

The Center’s main purposes are: 
1. To advance research on teacher development, professional practice, and classroom learning
2. To promote research-based professional development programs across the teacher education continuum (pre-service teachers to beginning teachers to in-service teachers)

The research team conceives of teaching and learning as situated in socio, historical, cultural settings, and utilizes a variety of research methods to unveil their complexity. Our work explores teacher thinking and socialization, classroom interactions and student learning, the design and study of teaching and learning environments and of teacher preparation and professional development experiences.  This work ultimately serves to identify powerful and promising new directions for research and practice in K-12 education.

The Center includes several research projects spanning the teacher professional continuum and targeting various subject matters.  Current expertise includes the study of teacher noticing and career-long learning, of sustainability of teacher professional development, of equitable practices in mathematics, science, and engineering, of teacher identity development, and of students’  engagement in STEM learning.