Reactor Director
Professor Rachel Martin
Professor Martin is a professor in the Chemistry department and has filled the role of reactor director starting August of 2019, succeeding the only two previous directors, Dr. F.  Sherwood Rowland and Dr. A. J. Shaka.

Jonathan Wallick

Reactor Supervisor / Engineer
Jonathan Wallick
Jonathan is a staff member in the Chemistry department. He has been with UCI since early 2012, taking care of the day-to-day operations, maintenance, training, and administration of the facility.

George Miller

Associate Reactor Supervisor
Professor George E. Miller
Professor Miller is a lecturer emeritus in the Chemistry department and filled the role of reactor supervisor since the inception of the facility until July 2019, assisting in the design, construction, and operation for the five decades.

Athan Shaka

Research Professor / Senior Reactor Operator
Professor A. J. Shaka
Professor Shaka is a professor in the Chemistry department and leading a research group in using the reactor facility, mainly interested in nuclear forensics.

Mikael Nilsson

Research Professor / Senior Reactor Operator
Professor Mikael Nilsson
Professor Nilsson is a professor in the Chemical Engineering Department, working with the reactor since starting at the university in 2009. His lab’s main body of research is in spent nuclear fuel reprocessing using solvent extraction.

Edward Jenner

Senior Reactor Operator / Assistant Engineer
Dr. Edward Jenner
Edward has recently taken up a position as Assistant Engineer at the reactor facility. He was previously a graduate student studying under professor Nilsson. His main work was in online monitoring in spent nuclear fuel reprocessing.

Tro Babikian

Senior Reactor Operator / Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr. Tro Babikian
Tro is a post-doc under Assistant Professor Sarah Finkeldei, focusing mainly on materials chemistry in the nuclear fuel cycle.

Leila Safavi

Reactor Operator / Post Doctoral Researcher
Dr. Leila Safavi-Tehrani
Dr. Safavi-Tehrani previously studied under professor Nilsson and is an independent user and researcher. Her main focus has been on developing production techniques for making medical isotopes of a high specific activity (high quality) for different radioactive diagnostics / treatments.

Kara Thomas

Reactor Operator / Graduate Student
Kara Thomas
Kara is a graduate student in the Shaka lab. Her research has been primarily in metal ion complexation for fuel reprocessing.

Previous personnel associated with the facility can be found on the page here.