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Wendy A. Goldberg
Professor, Psychology and Social Behavior
Ph.D. University of Michigan
B.A. Wesleyan University
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About My Work:
My primary research interests are in the family context of infant and child development and adult development during both early- and mid-adulthood. The focus of my research is on the contributions of early mother-child and father-child interactions, parental employment, marital quality, and sibling relationships to our understanding of parenting processes and children’s developmental outcomes. I study families raising “typically developing” children as well as families raising children with autism. I also study young adults’ expectations for work and family arrangements. My research is guided by the theoretical model developed by Bronfenbrenner (1979), which emphasizes the contextual dynamics — the social ecology — of human development. In collaborative work with graduate students, I also bridge disciplinary boundaries by applying concepts from social psychology and family social science to developmental processes. We have, for example, used social comparison theory to understand the division of labor between parents and have applied family systems theory to the study of families raising children with an autism spectrum disorder.