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MB&B Seminar 2018/2019


Fall 2018

September 28 MB&B
October 5 CVR
October 12 MB&B: Elizabeth Bess (University of California, Irvine) — Host: Jennifer Prescher
October 19 CVR
October 26 MB&B
November 2 CVR
November 9 MB&B: Allon Hochbaum (University of California, Irvine) — Host: Celia Goulding
November 16 CVR
November 23 Thanksgiving
November 30 MB&B: Stephen Ragsdale (University of Michigan) — Hosts: Markus Ribbe & Yilin Hu
December 7 Immunology Fair
December 14
Finals Week


Winter 2019

January 11 CVR
January 18 MB&B: Yi Lu (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) — Hosts: Yilin Hu & Markus Ribbe
January 25 CMB recruitment
February 1 CVR
February 8 CMB recruitment
February 15 MB&B: Andrei Goga (UCSF) — Host: Olga Razorenova
February 22 CVR
March 1 MB&B: Andrew Kruse (Harvard Medical School) — Host: Chang Liu (Note: The location of seminar is changed to NS2, Room 4201.)
March 8 Palm Springs Symposium on HIV/AIDS
March 15 CVR
March 22 Finals Week


Spring 2019

April 5 RNA Symposium
April 12 MB&B: Ira Blader (University at Buffalo) — Host: Naomi Morrissette
April 19 CVR
April 26 MB&B: Squire Booker (Penn State University/HHMI) — Hosts: Yilin Hu & Markus Ribbe
May 3 CVR
May 10 MB&B: Max Wicha (University of Michigan) — Host: Olga Razorenova
May 17 CVR
May 24 MB&B: Katrina Hoyer (UC Merced) — Host: Roberto Tinoco
May 31 CVR
June 7 MB&B: Jason Kwan (University of Wisconsin) — Host: Sheryl Tsai
June 14 Finals Week

 *open to faculty who have no overlap with the respective event


Please keep the following items in mind when inviting/hosting a speaker:

  1. Please check the list of available dates before you send out an invitation at the link https://faculty.sites.uci.edu/yilinhu/mbbseminars/
  2. When sending your invitation to the speaker, please feel free to include the following information: “The Department will reimburse you for hotel, travel, and associated meal expenses, and provide you with an honorarium of $250. Our seminars are held on Fridays, 12pm-1pm. If you are available to give a talk in our MBB seminar series, please provide me a ranked list of available dates at your earliest convenience”.
  3. After the speaker replies with the dates, please email me the date(s) so I can reserve the date and update the website. If the speaker cancels the seminar, please let me know as soon as possible so I can try to find a replacement speaker in time.
  4. About a month before the scheduled date of your speaker’s visit, please contact Cecilia in the office to start coordinating this event. (i) Cecilia usually contacts the speakers to introduce herself, and advise that she will be working with them along with their host. She asks for their seminar titles so she can work on the flyers and advertisement. She also automatically sends out the seminar reminders 2 weeks before, the day before, and the day of the seminar. (ii) Cecilia will contact the speakers and explain that they need to arrange their travel, and she asks them to send her their flight itinerary so she can then book their hotel. Please note that the department allows reimbursements of up to 3 nights, but usually reimburses 1-2 nights. The flights should be booked at economy class fares. (iii) Cecilia will take care of the catering for the seminar.
  5. To compile an itinerary for your invited speaker, please contact him/her and ask if he/she is interested in meeting certain faculty members at UCI. If not, please email the mailing lists of MBB and other departments to find out who is interested in meeting your speaker or asking your colleagues personally about whether they are available for these meetings. Doodle might be useful in this case. The template for an itinerary can be found here: MBB Seminar Itinerary Template 2017
  6. Lunch-dinner policy: there is a 4-person limit for lunch (including the seminar speaker), which is usually hosted by up to 3 graduate students from the host’s lab, and a 5-person limit for dinner (including the seminar speaker and the host). It is important not to exceed the allowable expenses: per UCI policy, the allowable reimbursement per person is $64, and the MBB alcohol cap is one bottle of wine not exceeding $40.00.
  7. On the day of the seminar, please make sure that your speaker gets a chance to meet with Cecilia, since she will need to explain him/her the process of reimbursement through the Kuali system. She will also hand him/her the stamped envelope for sending the receipts to MBB for reimbursement.